What sets LAFACE apart from all those other skincare companies ? The fact that you are out looking is proof that whatever it is that you are using at the moment is not doing enough. That is where we come in by bringing you a line of products that you can depend on. Our clients are testament to the fact that these products work. As seen in this testimonial from a client who was frustrated just like YOU !

“I wanted to try to better express why I love your products so much in case it would help others to understand better. When I first used your products there was a difference in my skin right away. Other products have helped make my skin feel less dry but none have ever actually made my skin feel like it had physically changed itself. I went from having dry skin to having skin that felt like it did about 20 years ago. It felt soft and moist again as well as looking noticeably younger! When you reach your 60’s and go through chemotherapy as well it was a miraculous feeling! Rather than just benefiting my skin it actually felt like it gave me back my old, or rather younger, skin. I wanted to better express why your products have meant so much to me, that your product doesn’t just help it actually changed what you have for the better.”

Judy B. - Roseville, CA

This is one of many, but the fact is that LAFACE products are conscientiously formulated to combine the world’s finest natural and organic formulas so your skin may reach it’s fullest, most youthful potential. Superior products equal superior results. Our anti-aging product line is specifically prepared for sensitive skin, those with rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. Our Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative ingredients are encapsulated to enhance penetration for maximum effectiveness.  

We use state of the art active ingredients, which work at the DNA level. These products, formulated by our world-class science team focus on effectiveness to address unnecessary and unwanted skin sensitivities. LAFACE is just not an ordinary skincare, our products are multi-functional and the line is simple to use. 

LAFACE products are never tested on animals and free of;

  • sodium lauryl
  • sulfoacetate propylene
  • glycerol phthalate
  • animal-Based ingredients
  • harsh chemicals

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