LAFACE to the rescue !!!

I have to tell you - I had an allergic reaction I think to this pea protein powder. My face, neck and chest were breaking out in these weird hives. All three weeks before my wedding no less! Long story short, I went to a dermatologists and two estheticians. They were all convinced that it was not acne but there was some debate on whether or not it was an allergy. They told me witch hazel and cortizone creme ... none of which worked. I finally just started using your HPS... it went away within two days. I forgot that I had it and somehow remembered using it when I felt like I was having a breakout a while back. It totally smoothed and cleared my skin... back to normal! Love your products!

Katie G, San Francisco

The segment I did featuring your products and your generosity towards Kari a woman who has fought cancer and now endured 8 months of chemo is priceless. Thank you LAFACE for being a company with compassion.

Kym Bankier Douglas

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I wanted to try to better express why I love your products so much in case it would help others to understand better. When I first used your products there was a difference in my skin right away. Other products have helped make my skin feel less dry but none have ever actually made my skin feel like it had physically changed itself. I went from having dry skin to having skin that felt like it did about 20 years ago. It felt soft and moist again as well as looking noticeably younger! When you reach your 60’s and go through chemotherapy as well it was a miraculous feeling! Rather than just benefiting my skin it actually felt like it gave me back my old, or rather younger, skin. I wanted to better express why your products have meant so much to me, that your product doesn’t just help it actually changed what you have for the better.

Judy B. - Roseville, CA

This product (CRC Cellular Regeneration Cream) is worth every penny. It completely changed my complexion. I was having serious issues with hyper-pigmentation, premature aging, and dull looking facial skin. I did a lot of research about the brand and was beyond impressed with the extensive scientific studies and research put into each individual ingredient. Not only that but, more importantly the synergistic effect with one another to make a product that in my opinion is second to none on the market today.

Sara, Phoenix, AZ

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 I am writing in for my husband who has taken over my LAFACE products and uses them. Now, though I am annoyed he is taking my creams I am happy he is taking care of himself and I just had to tell you that we both love LAFACE. He uses the Cellular Regeneration Cream and the eye cream every morning and occasionally the EFFACE (when I don't hide it) and I use all the products mornings and evenings. We are completely hooked. James likes the products because they are not greasy and his face feels soft. I like them because my skin feels more taught and my friends are actually noticing enough to tell me my skin looks better. I also love the body lotion. Living in Florida can be harsh on the skin and we are always trying to find something that works, and we know we finally have.

Stephanie and James, ages 48 and 46, West Palm Beach, Florida

I have always had problems with my skin. I never really knew what to expect day to day and most products were very irritating, leaving me with red spottiness or blemishes under the skin or a waxy feeling. After receiving samples I purchased the LAFACE line and started using it. I swear, I never have written a review before but I had to write in and tell you how so happy I am with your products. I love them ! I have had compliments on my skin ever since I started and my face feels so much better. I feel and look moisturized and the lines around my eye area are diminishing. This is the best and I will recommend to all my friends for sure !

Camille, age 51, New York, New York

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I started using LAFACE Beaux Yeux, EFFACE, and the Cellular Regeneration Cream just a short while ago. I have to say that I noticed a change almost immediately. The fine lines I noticed I was starting to get are already disappearing. My family has even commented on how pretty my skin was looking. I am 43 years old and have extremely sensitive skin so was apprehensive about once again trying a new product line but I could not be happier. LAFACE is completely superior to the other brands I have gone through so it will be what I use from now on.

Natalia H.

Before I started using La Face products I was skeptical that I would see a dramatic difference in my skin, and I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed changes almost immediately. While the true benefits have come over time, the quality of my skin tone improved within 24 hours - I am not exaggerating! My favorite product is the Renewing and Hydrating Serum, but the whole line is amazing. I get compliments on my skin all the time these days and I just say, 'I owe it to La Face!'.

-Dr. Leslie Carr, Psychotherapist, SF

When i use LAFACE i feel it all day - i feel it in my skin. When i wash my face at night its still there. Most expensive creams like La Mer are on the surface and are gone in minutes. That lets me know its working and i Love that!
Benjamin Krause
Krause Gallery, NY

I've been using the serum and eye cream for just a week and notice such a difference!!! I love your products and want to buy the cellular cream next!

Anna B.

I love LaFace Eye Cream, it’s the best cream I’ve ever used. It does not only claim but delivers, it reduces puffiness, dark circles and fines lines. I had them all, now barely noticeable even with my long hours at work and little sleep. I can’t live without it! In fact I can’t live without all of the LaFace products, try them out, you’ll love them all!

Kim La Shelle, Tiburon, CA