Winter Skin Tips and Secrets

 Screen-Shot-2018-02-06-at-8.18.04-PM-300x300 Winter Skin Tips and Secrets

Winter has officially arrived and with it comes certain changes in the weather, which means changes to our skin. It is a bit confusing as to what to do to revive that beautiful glow you seemed to have over the summer months and often we make the wrong choices. Here are my best winter skin tips. 

my favorite Winter skin tips

What I notice in both my personal skincare regime as well as those of our LAFACE clients is that in the summer months we do not layer our products as much and this is very important to do when the temperature changes. Using a very concentrated serum which expedites the ingredients penetrating deeper into the skin (C-Cell, EFFACE) and topping that off with a rich cream (CRC) to seal in the moisture will result in a smoother complexion. Do not wait for the issue…catch it before it begins with the layering of products, first serum, second cream.

Next, do not forget your body. Our Hydrating and Firming Body and Neck Cream is filled with key moisturizing qualities that will make you thankful in the end. When summer comes round again your skin will look and feel younger and more supple because you took care of it during the long winter months. Not only that, but you will be less prone to lines and “crepe like” looking skin.

Another thing to be aware of is the urge to over-exfoliate. Using a peel or glycolic acid every now and then is fine but if done to often you can cause irreparable damage. It interferes with your natural skin barriers and can end up giving you blotchy, inflamed skin, so be careful. Exfoliation comes also in other forms such as, a skin brush, buff puffs, a Clarisonic and using these items just once or twice a week should do the trick.

Also, feed your skin properly by staying away from foods that do the “wrong” things. For example, avoid eating sugar, not just for your waistline but, for your FACE. When sugar molecules bind to the collagen and elastic fibers in your skin this triggers free radicals, and the process can lead to breakouts or rosacea. I know that you have experienced this and would prefer not to again. Also avoid wheat, and alcohol if possible, as they are inflammatory and your skin will show it. Eat fruit and drink lots and lots of water…when will we learn ?

The winter is a wonderful time of year. It is filled with holidays and winter sports, laughter and cozy outfits. Use this time to work on your figure and keep your completion beautiful and balanced. Make sure your skin stays properly hydrated so when the sun peeps its’ head again you will be proud to wear those little summer dresses and bathing suits as your skin will be glowing and you will look fabulous !

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